REI – Observations on Finding Tenants

Hello there, trusted reader! This week I am going to discuss a few observations I have made on the subject of finding tenants for my rentals.

As discussed in a previous post, we purchased another rental in December. Before the purchase was final, we started advertising it for rent. We listed it with a couple of different syndication services, Put a “For Rent” sign in front of the property, and posted it in pretty much every local and/or rental-related group on Facebook, in addition to posting it on our Facebook business page.

Syndicated Listings

The property was listed on because we are evaluating their service for application, rental payment, and other tools that assist property manager.

The set up was easy and they list the rental as available on their site, in addition to syndicating the listing to and

Cozy also offers one of the top-rate low-cost online rental payment platforms, based on reviews & comparisons. If tenants use the ACH (Automated Clearing House) option, payments are free. They also have the option to use a credit card to pay, but add a small percentage service fee. I have not implemented it in our business yet, as our tenants are more comfortable paying with checks and money orders.

In addition to the online rental payment system, Cozy provides an online maintenance request system, tenant screening, and document sharing with tenants. The maintenance request platform is only available if you are already using their online payments. The tenant screening offers options for background checks and credit reports, at no cost to the property manager, due to the tenant paying these fees. The document sharing is the equivalent of a shared drive to upload leases and any other documents for tenants.

Cozy Syndication

From our experience, neither the Cozy listing, nor the syndication partners are popular in our area for attracting potential tenants. People looking for places to rent don’t seem to frequent these sites.

Zillow Rental Manager

Zillow offers a similar set of services, excluding the maintenance requests and document sharing. They provide tenant screening and online rental payments, similar to Cozy. Where they really shine is the listing syndication. Zillow lists rentals on, but since it also owns and, it syndicates listings on those sites simultaneously.

For this recent property we had issues getting the rental listing to be accepted by Zillow due to it still being listed for sale on Zillow when we first put it up for rent, but it syndicated to Trulia and Hotpads just fine. We received quite a few inquiries from these sources.

Facebook Groups/Facebook Business Page

Facebook seems to be the hands-down winner for attracting prospective tenants. We ultimately received more inquiries from Facebook than any other advertising channel that we used. It involved a little work…there are a lot of groups! I will post a detailed methodology on that some day. It is kind of interesting.

I created a video of pictures from the home and a digital flyer that was shared on and from our Facebook business page. The flyer listed the location, rental rate, the lease length, and basic restrictions (No smoking, some pets allowed). This helped to attract interested inquiries and potentially screen out anyone not interested in what we had to offer.

Traditional Advertising Channels

If you haven’t noticed yet, the only cost of the methods we utilized was a “For Rent” sign. Ads in the local newspapers cost too much, plus we have much better circulation on the channels we do use. That is why we don’t even bother to list anything in the with the papers.

If you have rentals, what do you use to attract prospective tenants? Leave me a message in the comments or email me at

And, as always, let me know what you think in the comments. Ask questions, tell your story.

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Personal Improvement – ‘New Year, Totally New You’ May Not Be The Most Successful Approach


Another new year!

One of the first trends I noticed for the new year were sarcastic memes about “New Year, New You”…it made me think about why these are popular.

This week we are going to discuss making changes for the new year. Comparing and contrasting the typical approach with what is more likely to be a more successful approach to making changes.



A Totally New You for the New Year!

You realize there are things you don’t like in your life. You decide to change them. These thoughts usually seem to occur at the end of one year or the beginning of the next, hence the popularity of New Year’s Resolutions.

The common approach is to decide to change everything at once. This, in turn, sets you up for failure. Because the volume of things to change is large, it can be hard to figure out where to start in addition to being perceived, mentally, as a tedious task. Because of this, we tend to have little follow-through on these resolutions and end up abandoning them early on due to little demonstrable success.

These are some of the reasons why most people don’t keep up with their New Year’s Resolutions.

I once joined the gym, went on a diet, and decided I was going to get up at 06:00 every morning. This was many years ago…back when I was single. I went to the gym once, then never went back because I felt that if I didn’t get up early to go to the gym, there was no point in going. The diet didn’t even last that long. It was too much for me at the time.

There is a way to be successful at it and achieve your goals.

An additional thought on Resolutions – Many political bodies make resolutions all the time. Most are ignored. And we wonder why we have trouble keeping New Year’s Resolutions! Instead, choose Goals. Goals are attainable. #CandyForYourSubconcious


The Incremental Approach

The end of the year is a good time to take stock of your life, but you don’t have to wait until then to decide on changes. You can decide on changes at any point. To paraphrase sage advice “The best time to change was in the past. The second-best time to change is NOW!”

The key to making successful changes is to make them incrementally. You don’t start out an exercise program by running 10 miles, doing 500 push-ups, and 20 suicide sets. Start with a small immediate goal. Get that to become routine, then expand it.


By making incremental changes and incorporating them into your routine, they become habit. By becoming habit, they are more likely to turn into permanent changes.


So, instead of joining the gym, going on a diet, and quitting smoking, in addition to taking karate, yoga, and crossfit classes, try one at a time. Build it into your routine. Let it become habit. THEN tackle the next goal.

New Year’s Goals

My New Year’s Goals are as follows:

Spend less time commuting – Since 2012, I commuted from Houma, La. To Lafayette, La. Roughly about a 215 mile roundtrip commute. At the end of last year, I proposed that I start working at the company facility in Houma. My supervisor and his supervisor both approved, so that goal is more or less accomplished.

Spend more time with my family – This will be facilitated by having eliminated my commute.

Do more exercise – Now that I have eliminated the commute, I joined the local Planet Fitness so I can get more exercise.

Find my “New Normal” – With all the changes to my health near the end of last year, I have not adjusted my “drive” to match my “bandwidth”. I am still trying get the medications adjusted and wrap my head around my limitations.

What are your Goals for this year?


And, as always, let me know what you think in the comments. Ask questions, tell your story.


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Hello 2019!: A 2018 Review

Good Bye 2018, Hello 2019! Happy New Year!  This more or less marks the first-year anniversary of this blog. We’ve covered a lot of territory between Automation, Personal & Business Finance, Real Estate Investing, & switching blog platforms and are looking forward to covering more, in addition to revisiting some topics from the past. And by “We”, I mean you, the readers, in addition to myself.

I’ll start off with a quick recap of the past year:

Combined Blog Stats

50 blog posts

8457 page views

2468 viewers


Combined Post Popularity



Top Traffic Sources



Search Engines















I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things in 2019 and welcome suggestions for topics you would like to hear about. You can comment here or email me at


And, as always, let me know what you think in the comments. Ask questions, tell your story.


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