About Me

Clint C. Galliano

Here is a new picture of me. It’s my real estate headshot.

I worked in the oil and gas industry from 1992 until 2020. During that time period I was involved in a couple of real estate deals/activities, but really did not start to focus on investing in real estate and businesses until 2016.

Part of my departure from oil & gas was to move into real estate sales. It was once of the best things I have ever done!

I enjoy Sci-Fi, Epic Fantasy, technology, and music.

My superpower is that I have the ability to visualize how to make disparate parts into a working system.

I think my greatest failing is that I have trouble focusing on one thing.

I live in South Louisiana with my beautiful wife and two wonderful daughters.

My opinions are my own.

Clint C. Galliano, REALTOR® – MCTT

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