If you have never rented a home from JJR Holdings before, you can expect a totally different experience than renting directly from an owner. There are definitely pros and cons when renting from each, but the benefits from renting from JJR Holdings will far outweigh the drawbacks. One of the key differences between each is the cost associated with leasing the property. Although each property manager will charge different amounts, below is a list of the some of the typical fees that are associated with renting a home from a Salt Lake City property management company:

Application Fee– This is charged to a tenant when applying for a property. This fee typically covers the cost of the background and credit report when screening a prospective tenant. JJR Holdings currently does not charge this fee.

Lease Origination Fee – This is charged to a tenant when a new lease agreement is created. This fee typically covers the work associated with underwriting a new lease agreement. JJR Holdings does not charge a lease origination fee.

Late Fee– This is charged to a tenant when rent is not received on time. This fee is a flat $50. It is assessed when rent is not paid by the end of the courtesy grace period, after the due date.

Service of Notice Fee – This is charged to a tenant that has not complied with the terms of the lease agreement. This fee is associated with the process of JJR Holdings property manager posting a notice for the tenant to correct the lease violation or risk eviction.

There can be other fees associated with renting. I always recommend inquiring about all of the applicable costs before entering into a lease agreement.

If you are a tenant that is interested in renting a home in Houma or Thibodaux, please consider renting from JJR Holdings. You can preview a list of our available properties here. For additional advice, check out this article from Time.com


Avoid Home Rental Scammers

Moving to a new city can be a life changing moment for most people. It is important to know how to avoid scams when looking for a new apartment, in an area that you are unfamiliar with. Here are something’s to be aware of in order to help you avoid those scams.

There are a lot of scammers that take and use a real listing from, a real home rental or real estates and claim it as their own, they will take these already written listings and make a few modification, by changing the email address or other contact information to include their own information. They might even use the same name as the original poster and only change the picture and contact information, just to confuse you.

The best sign that the listing is a scam is if they request you to wire money over. There is no reason for you to wire money over, not matter what the reason may be. Some reasons could be paying a security deposit, vacation rental, or application fee, there is never a good enough reason to wire money, because once the money is wired there is no way for you to get that back. So beware if a listing for a rental home is asking you to wire some money for a security deposit, or application fee it is most likely a scam.

Another thing to always remember is, if the deal is too good to be true then it probably is. Most scammers will take all of the real information for a home rental listing, but list the price below the average rental rate in the market, that is an easy sign tell whether or not the listing could be a possible scam.

These are some of the basic things that you must look out for when looking for to a home rental, the best way to avoid these kinds of mishap is to hire a real estate agent, and discuss your concerns with them. If you choose to continue the search by your self always be aware that if they ask you to wire money, that is a safe assumption that the listing is a scam, and remember that if they deal is too good to be true, then it probably is.


You might be asking yourself – what is renters insurance and why should I pay for it? Unfortunately, there is a common misconception for renters that they don’t really need to carry this insurance and that it has no value. Unless you have ever been in the unfortunate situation of having to make a claim, you might not fully appreciate this as a necessity.

Below are three reasons why every tenant should have a renters insurance policy:

Reason #1: Renters insurance covers your personal property – If you stop and think about everything you own and assign a dollar value to all of your possessions, it will probably surprise you how much you own. A renters insurance policy will help replace your items in the event of theft or destruction by a fire.

Reason #2: Renters insurance covers liability from negligence – Consider this scenario…it is a windy day and you don’t have the time to sweep the driveway. An individual slips and falls and breaks a bone. Since your negligence caused the injury, you are liable for all of costs associated. Another situation where renters insurance would be critical is if a fire was caused by the tenant’s negligence. This would also result in the tenant being responsible for the cost of replacement of the home, which many individuals would not be able to cover without renters insurance.

Reason #3: Renters insurance covers additional living expenses – Have you ever thought about what you would do if a fire or natural disaster made your current rental home un-livable? Renters insurance will help pay for your living expenses under this scenario. As a tenant, this peace of mind can be priceless.

If renters insurance is something that you may be interested in, I would recommend contacting your local insurance agent for more information.

If you are tenant that is interested in renting a home in Morgan City or Thibodaux, please consider renting from JJR Holdings. Search available rental properties in Morgan City and Thibodaux by clicking here.

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