If you have never rented a home from JJR Holdings before, you can expect a totally different experience than renting directly from an owner. There are definitely pros and cons when renting from each, but the benefits from renting from JJR Holdings will far outweigh the drawbacks. One of the key differences between each is the cost associated with leasing the property. Although each property manager will charge different amounts, below is a list of the some of the typical fees that are associated with renting a home from a Salt Lake City property management company:

Application Fee– This is charged to a tenant when applying for a property. This fee typically covers the cost of the background and credit report when screening a prospective tenant. JJR Holdings currently does not charge this fee.

Lease Origination Fee – This is charged to a tenant when a new lease agreement is created. This fee typically covers the work associated with underwriting a new lease agreement. JJR Holdings does not charge a lease origination fee.

Late Fee– This is charged to a tenant when rent is not received on time. This fee is a flat $50. It is assessed when rent is not paid by the end of the courtesy grace period, after the due date.

Service of Notice Fee – This is charged to a tenant that has not complied with the terms of the lease agreement. This fee is associated with the process of JJR Holdings property manager posting a notice for the tenant to correct the lease violation or risk eviction.

There can be other fees associated with renting. I always recommend inquiring about all of the applicable costs before entering into a lease agreement.

If you are a tenant that is interested in renting a home in Houma or Thibodaux, please consider renting from JJR Holdings. You can preview a list of our available properties here. For additional advice, check out this article from Time.com

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