Personal – Two Years Post-Surgery

4 days after surgery compared to 2 years. Just a little disappointed that I don’t have a “Kurgan” scar to show for the experience…LOL

I knew it was coming up. I figured Facebook would pop up a memory for me from that day. I seem to have developed the habit of letting Facebook be my reminder.

But it didn’t. And much like the surgery to remove my thyroid gland, there wasn’t much to it.

Now, I am looking forward to the two-year anniversary of doing quarantine before quarantine was cool (NOT!) after receiving RAI-131 (Radio Active Iodine) treatment and the soon to follow anniversary of being declared cancer-free.

Looking back, that first year, post-surgery, was extremely tough. As I have mentioned before, just getting the medications dialed in took a while.

And while that process was going on, I had little strength or endurance. I was “worn out” by 4:30-5:00 each day. All I could do was rest and start again the next day.

Year number two was better. I built up my endurance and became stronger. Having my glucose levels under excellent control on top of exercising regularly has contributed to this. I now am able to get up at 5:00 AM just about every morning and am good until 9:00-10:00 at night. This was my normal schedule, pre-surgery.

I continue to be grateful for my many blessings and in addition to those detailed in that post, I am grateful for my new work family at Keller Williams Realty Bayou Partners. They have embraced me and are helping me to succeed in my new career.

Here’s to many more years to come! #RockAndRoll

And, as always, let me know what you think in the comments. Ask questions, tell your story.

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