REI – Private Lending with Keith Baker

I did another live stream for my local REIA group and wanted to share it here. The guest is Keith Baker, host of the Private Lender Podcast.

In this video, Keith Baker, Host of The Private Lender Podcast, talks to us about how he got started in private lending, things to watch out for when lending, and his outlook for the future.

Things you will learn in this video:

  • How Keith got into private lending
  • How private lending works
  • Difference between Hard Money Lenders, Private Lenders, and Banks
  • How Keith screens borrowers
  • Keith’s “Trademarked” 3Ps Strategy
  • Why it is good to say no sometimes
  • Why you should always follow your processes
  • What a self-directed custodian is

Resources mentioned in this episode:

You can contact Keith Baker at the following:

Keith Baker

Host, The Private Lender Podcast

The Private Lender Podcast

713-306-4478 cell email

He’d love to connect with you.

Shareable Quotes:

“You’re the CEO of your money, ACT LIKE IT!”

Keith Baker

“People get funny when they talk about their money”

Keith Baker

And, as always, let me know what you think in the comments. Ask questions, tell your story.

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